Matheus Verardino

Matheus Verardino has been playing harmonica professionally for over 14 years and has taught countless students over the years. Teaching the harmonica is one of his greatest passions and he does it diligently, patiently and with great enthusiasm.

His career started in Brazil back in the 90’s where he played, toured, and recorded with lots of bands playing
a wide range of styles like Blues, Reggae, Samba, Rock, Funk and Bossa Nova.

Matheus moved to NYC in 2007 and since then has been playing with many bands.

His current projects are:

Big Pedro and the Little Red Roosters – a Blues / NOLA/ Funk style band

Dave McKeon and the Legal Alternatives – Bluegrass, Country, Americana, Southern Rock.

He is currently working to get 2 more projects up and running.

One is a Duo, Guitar and Harmonica, that plays classic “Choros”from Brazil. ( Choro is the term that specify
a style of Brazilian music that was created in the late 1800’s)

The other is the “Harmonica lessons For All Podcast” which brings free harmonica lessons to anybody interested in this amazing instrument. This can check this one by clicking on the “HOME” tab

You can also find and download this podcast from itunes.

Matheus teaches privately in his studio or he can go to your preferred place at your convenience. He can also teaches through SKYPE at a more affordable (but not less effective) rate at anytime that suits your schedule. He is fluent and can teach in English, Portuguese and Spanish.