015 – Working your bends in a simple lick


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This is a continuation of the last episode in which we were working our bends into this basic lick:

2d 3d 4B 4d
and then down,
4d 4B 3d 2d

The aim here is to make you comfortable going up and down, from and back, to hole 2 draw.
The 2 hole draw (G on your C harmonica) will serve to you as a “home base” helping
you in several ways.
In the beginning it will help you find the place where you will start and finish your licks. A place you can always come back to, before you decide to try a new idea.
This simple lick will also help you understand the feeling of tension and resolution when you go from:

2d to 4d (tension) and than back from 4d to 2d (resolution)

A big part of blues improvisation is based on the ability to create musical phrases with tension and resolution.
There are a number of ways to create the feeling of tension and resolution in music but
let’s tackle one thing at a time!

013 – Welcome Back!


Podcast 144x144 JPG.001 (2)Hello There!
I know it has been a long time, but I am back for another series of lessons!
In this episode I am talking about the changes that I have made in this show in order to optimize the workflow and record more lessons.
The podcasts are going to be audio only.
It’s easier for me and I hope it will be a good experience for you as well.
I also want to send a special thanks to everybody that contacted me.
It is really good to see how many people interested in learning more
about this great instrument.
Know that our questions always help me with new ideas for future lessons.
Very soon I will be “Beta” testing my online workshops. It will start small and free.
I will be teaching only 5 people at a time. In this smaller setting the lesson will be more personalized and effective for each individual needs and levels.
If you are interested in participating please email me for details.
Stay tuned for the next episodes! (I have about 10 new episodes almost ready to go ready to go.
I hope you enjoy the next lessons.
Thanks for your interest and support!

014 – Intro to 2nd Position (Cross Harp)

Podcast 144x144 JPG.001 (2)Hello Everybody!
Here is a Little intro to 2nd position also known as cross harp.
Positions are simply other keys in which you can play on your blues harmonica.
As a general definition (an please know that there are more to this subject) playing in first position (straight harp) on your C harmonica means to play songs and scales in the Key of C.
Playing in second position on your C Harmonica means to play songs and scales in the key of G.
In this podcast I am playing very basic exercises that use the hole 2d as a starting point.

All the exercises in this podcast use the same pattern:

2d 3d 4B 4d or 4d 4B 3d 2d

I hope you enjoy!