012 -Tuning your bends on holes 2 and 3

On this episode we have some exercises to tune our bends and improve the ability to hit the bent note in pitch.
One very common mistake is to bend a little below or above the actual note.
These exercises can help you improve your bending skills and overcome pitch issues so when you start playing scales, licks and solos you will sound like a pro.
I hope you enjoy!

011 – Types of Bend

We are almost there!
On this episode we are going to work a little bit on the “types of bend”.
As you might or might not know, one can start the bend from the natural note or from the bent note.
On this episode I am expanding this topic ….
On the next episode we are are going to learn how to tune our bends and then…
Straight to licks and solos!
Keep me posted.
I hope you enjoy!