015 – Working your bends in a simple lick


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This is a continuation of the last episode in which we were working our bends into this basic lick:

2d 3d 4B 4d
and then down,
4d 4B 3d 2d

The aim here is to make you comfortable going up and down, from and back, to hole 2 draw.
The 2 hole draw (G on your C harmonica) will serve to you as a “home base” helping
you in several ways.
In the beginning it will help you find the place where you will start and finish your licks. A place you can always come back to, before you decide to try a new idea.
This simple lick will also help you understand the feeling of tension and resolution when you go from:

2d to 4d (tension) and than back from 4d to 2d (resolution)

A big part of blues improvisation is based on the ability to create musical phrases with tension and resolution.
There are a number of ways to create the feeling of tension and resolution in music but
let’s tackle one thing at a time!