014 – Intro to 2nd Position (Cross Harp)

Podcast 144x144 JPG.001 (2)Hello Everybody!
Here is a Little intro to 2nd position also known as cross harp.
Positions are simply other keys in which you can play on your blues harmonica.
As a general definition (an please know that there are more to this subject) playing in first position (straight harp) on your C harmonica means to play songs and scales in the Key of C.
Playing in second position on your C Harmonica means to play songs and scales in the key of G.
In this podcast I am playing very basic exercises that use the hole 2d as a starting point.

All the exercises in this podcast use the same pattern:

2d 3d 4B 4d or 4d 4B 3d 2d

I hope you enjoy!